This 10 day tour is packed with highlights like the famous Loreley in the Rhine Valley, myths and legends in Pfälzer Wald, the world renowned cookoo clocks, the King’s castles of Bavaria like Neuschwanstein, the ‘Hofbräuhaus’ in Munich, many small historic towns and typical German faire in unique ‘Gasthäusern’. Riding rolling hills and mountain roads are a motorbiker’s must. And on e in a lifetime you have to come and discover Germany’s finest sights, too.

For more than a decade Schwarzwald Biker Tours has conducted motorcycle tours in Germany and Europe. We love our job and it shows. Motorcycling and traveling are our passion. Now we start to give American riders a chance to discover our hidden secrets and well loved escapes. Let your dreams come true and ride with us in our ‘backyard’.

Tour description “This is Germany”:

Day 1:

Arrival at Frankfurt airport and pick up by your tourguide who will also transfer you to your hotel. Enjoy dinner in a relaxed atmosphere and get to know your guide and the other participants. Introduction to your tour program.


Day 2:

After breakfast you pick up your rental motorcycle in Frankfurt and take off on your first tour. We take you to ‘father Rhine’ and further to Rüdesheim and its attractions before we continue to the
Loreley, to Boppard and to Alken in the Mosel valley. We follow this river up to Cochem with its impressive castle. A motorcycle friendly hotel will be your stop for the night and host of a typical BBQ or even Spanferkel dinner. Approx. 120 mls.

Day 3:

Today we will follow Roman routes in Western Germany. Winding along the Mosel we visit the wine town of Zell and Traben-Trabach before we hit some nice curvy roads on our way to Idar-Oberstein, world famous for its gemstones. Further on Hunsrück awaits us, where Air Base Ramstein is located. Within the forests of Pfalz region we discover hundreds of peculiar red rock formations before we stop by the world’s largest wine barrel. It holds almost 450.000 gallons, hence large enough to house a whole wine bar.  Today’s final destination is the old town of Heidelberg with its charme and atmosphere. Approx. 160 mls.

Day 4:

Your day starts with a photo stopp at Heidelberg castle and then its off to the Black Forest. The river Neckar will take us there. Along the way we stop by the vehicle museum of Marxzell, exhibiting many curiosities next to motorcycles and other means of transport. In Baden-Baden we reach the Black Forest High Road, 40 miles of pure enjoyment on Germany’s oldest panoramic route. This will take us to Freudenstadt, our destination for today. Approx. 150 mls.

Day 5:

This is our majestic riding day which will take you back and for through the Black Forest area, hitting attractions en route and on the wayside. The roads are curvy and demanding. So get some strength with a big chunk of Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte, a hearty cake of local produce. We will take you to our country’s largest waterfall, to hidden lakes and unknown treasures – and to Rothaus brewery. We descent to Schaffhausen and visit the Rhine falls, enter Switzerland for a blink before we reach the Bodensee, Germany’s largest lake who also borders with Switzerland and Austria. Our hotel is located in the midst of a wildlife refuge. Approx. 150 mls.

Day 6:

We take the Bodensee ferry from Konstanz to Meersburg and follow the lakeshore for a short while. Scheidegg and Balderschwang take us to the German Alpine Road. We cross Riedberg pass, at 1.407 meters (4.616 ft.) the highest pass road in the country. There are some higher points you can ride to, but not mountain passes. In Sonthofen we stop at the Held factory store where you can buy the most recent motorcycle fashion at discount prices. 107 curves take us up to Oberjochpass, into Austria and back to Germany where Pfronten greets us with a cozy beer garden at our hotel which is located at the foot of the castles Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau. Approx. 130 mls.

Day 7:

After a quick glimpse at the fairy tale castle of Neuschwanstein we hit the German Alpine Road yet again. It takes us along Füssen, the Plansee and on to another famous castle: Linderhof, which we will visit. Some realy crazy bends take us through deep canyons and alongside hidden lakes to Garmisch-Partenkirchen, host of the annual BMW Biker Days (always first weekend in July). Walchen, Kochel amd Starnberg Lakes are our companions for the afternoon before we roll out into Munich. Dinner tonight is at the world famous ‘Hofbräuhaus’! Approx. 120 mls.

Day 8:

Having had our fair share of German beer we take off a little later than usual and ride the valley of the Altmühl, one of Southern Germany’s many natural attractions. Lunch is in a historic ‘Fasselwirtschaft’, a restaurant and beer garden with giant barrels. Curvy roads take as to many fascinationg castles and through a bunch of historic towns. Today’s destination is Rothenburg ob der Tauber. After dinner enjoy a guided tour with one of the ‘town guards’ taking you back to medieval times. Approx. 180 mls.

Day 9:

We cruise the Taubertal, a typical German wine growing region and full of cultural attractions. In the afternoon we reach the Main river, whose many bends lead us back to Frankfurt where we return the rental motorcycles and have a final farewell dinner. Approx. 125 mls.

Day 10:

Transfer to Frankfurt airport and your return flight home.

Total length of this tour is approx. 1.150 mls. It requires experienced riders familiar with mountain roads and curvy rides.

(The program, routes and hotels are subject to change without notice.)

All our tourguides speak English!